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Grand Forks, ND
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Thursday Apr 24 2014

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Facility Request Form

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Facilities Requested
Classroom #120
can adjoin classroom 121 and demo kitchen
Gymnasium #1
Classroom #121
can adjoin classroom 120 and demo kitchen
Gymnasium #2
Demo Kitchen
can adjoin classroom 120 and 121
Gymnaisum #3
Entire Building
after operating only, 3 hours minimum
after operating only
GX Room #272 Yoga/Pilates Room
GX Room #274 Multi-Activity Court
Climbing Wall Conference Room
if classroom is selected
Banquet - is arranged with round tables, each seating 6 people.
Theater - has rows of chairs only with a slight arc or semicircle.
Classroom - is an ideal seating arrangement for a workshop session.
Conference - is a common arrangement for small meetings.
U Shaped - designed for the speaker to interact more closely with participants.
Round Table - designed for a round table discussion.
None Needed

click here for room capacities and here for rental rates.
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Days needed 1 * Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Beginning Hour :
Closing Hour
Prep Time
Take Down Time
Estimated Attendance
Max Class Size
Will Food and Beverages be Served? 2 Yes       No
Equipment to be provided by the Wellness Center 3
charges may apply
Podium Soccer Balls
Electronic Scoreboard Volleyball standards
Trashcan Basketballs
Extension Cord Custodial Staff
LCD Projector Staff Supervision or setup
Roller Hockey Nets Teleconferencing
Facility Reservation Policy
View the UND Wellness Center reservation policies
Facility Use Agreement

View the Student Org agreement
View the Non - Student Org agreement

By clicking "I accept", I agree that I have read and will abide by the agreement outlined above.

I accept

1 Submittal of this form does not guarantee a reservation. Day requested may not be available.

2 All food and beverage items for meetings and events must be provided by UND Campus Catering or a licensed food service provider. Refer to the University of North Dakota Code of Student Life. Use of University Facilities, section 5-1 and 5-2 for complete policies regarding outside food and beverages. Renter is responsible for making all food arrangements.

3 Not all equipment may be available on the day requested. Additional charges may apply.